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H21-295 HCS-SeniorSolution-Medical

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HCS-SeniorSolution-Medical Certification Exams

HCS-SeniorSolution-Medical Practice Exams Dumps Question Answers

  • List of Exams
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    • H12-111

      HCNA Internet or things

    • H12-421

      HCNP-DCF - Build Facility Development Optimization

    • H12-423

      HCNP-DCF - Build Data Center Facility Operation & Maintenance

    • H12-724

      HCNP - Security (Fast Track)

    • H12-931

      Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert (HCIE) - Transmission

    • H13-439

      HCIE-DC (lab+interview)

    • H13-624

      HCNP - Constructing Unifying Storage Network V2

    • H13-723

      HCNP - Big Data developer

    • H13-821

      HCNP Cloud Service Architect

    • H13-912

      HCS - Central Equipement Room Hardware Installation (Written)

    • H19-250

      Huawei Certified Specialist-sales-PV

    • H19-251

      Huawei Certified Specialist-sales-CM

    • H19-305

      Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Specialist - Contact Center

    • H19-310

      Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Specialist - Video Surveillance

    • H19-312

      Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate - Microwave

    • H19-313

      Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate - WMD/OTN & MSTP

    • H19-314

      Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate - Unlicensed PMP Microwave

    • H19-322

      HCS - Pre-Sales - Service Solution (overseas)

    • H19-331

      Huawei Certified Pre-sales Professional - Network Energy

    • H19-362

      Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specilaist - Big Data

    • H19-367

      HCS-Pre-sales IP(WAN)

    • H19-368

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-Transmission & Access

    • H19-369

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-IT

    • H19-370

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-ES

    • H19-371

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-IDS

    • H19-372

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-Big Data

    • H19-374

      HCS-Pre-sales IP-IVS

    • H19-450

      Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specilaist-PV

    • H19-451

      Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specilaist-CM

    • H20-671

      HCS-Field-MicroDC (Huawei Certified Field Specialisit - MicroDC)

    • H20-681

      Huawei Certified Field Specialist - Smart PV Controller

    • H21-252

      Huawei Certified Solution Specialist - Transmission & Access

    • H21-254

      Huawei Certified Solution Specialist - UC&C

    • H21-257

      Huawei Certified Solution Specialist - IT

    • H21-261

      Huawei Certified Solution Specialist - IDS

    • H21-262

      Huawei Certified Solution Specialist - Big data

    • H31-441

      Huawei Certified internetwork Expert - LET

    • H31-512

      HCNP - Cloud Solution Architect

    • H31-521

      HCNA-CDOM(Cloud Data Center Operation Maintenance)

    • H31-531

      HCNA - Cloud SysOps Administrator

    • H31-612

      Huawei Certified Network Associate - NFV Infrastucture

    • H31-621

      Huawei Certified Network Associate - NFV Infrastucture

    • H31-622

      Huawei Certified Network Professional - NFV VNF-IMS

    • H31-631

      Huawei Certified Network Associate - IDC

    • H31-632

      Huawei Certified Network Professional - IDC

    • H31-651

      Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video

    • H32-210

      Huawei Certified Network Associate - CBS Test

    • H35-260

      HSC - Transmission

    • H35-380

      HSC - Core Network PS

    • H35-450

      HCS - Wireless GUL Commissioning

    • H35-562

      Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert - LTE RNP & RNO

    • H35-611

      Huawei Certified Network Professional - Site and Power

    • H35-910

      HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation (written)

    • H35-911

      HCS - Microwave Hardware Installation (written)

    • H35-912

      HCS - Central Equipement Room Hardware Installation (Written)

    • H35-913

      HCS - Site Power Hardware Installation (written)

    • H35-914

      HCS - Data Center Energy Hardware Installation (written)

    • H35-915

      HCS - FTTX OSP Hardware Installation (written)

    • H52-111

      Huawei Certified Development Associate - IoT

    • H53-511

      Huawei Certified Development Associate - Cloud

    • H53-711

      Huawei Certified Development Associate - Big Data

    • H53-821

      HCDP-Cloud Service DevOps

    • H19-363

      HCS-Pre-Sale-Cloud Data Center (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Cloud Data Center)

    • H19-365

      HCS-Pre-Sale-Bidding (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Bidding)

    • H35-841

      HCS - FTTx OSP Survey and Design

    • H13-321

      HCNP-AI EI Developer(Huawei Certified Network Professional - Artificial Intelligence EI Developer)

    • H13-322

      HCNP-AI HiAI Developer(Huawei Certified Network Professional - Artificial Intelligence HiAI Developer)

    • OC-01

      Open ROADS Associate

    • H35-942

      HCS - Home Service Activation

    • H19-120

      HCPA-PV(Huawei certified Pre-sales Associate-Photovoltaic)

    • H19-377

      HCS-Pre-Sale-Access (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist Access)

    • H35-921

      HCIP-ICTOM Developer

    • OC-11

      Open ROADS Consultant - Strategic Dynamism

    • OC-12

      Open ROADS Consultant - Customer Centricity

    • OC-14

      Open ROADS Consultant - Innovation & Lean Delivery

    • H19-375


    • H19-376


    • H35-917

      HCS - 5G Wireless Hardware Installation (Written) V1.0

    • H31-342

      HCIP-SDN-Transmission V1.0

    • H31-513

      HCS-Cloud Service Sales V1.0

    • H35-923

      HCIP-OWS Developer V1.0

    • H21-284


    • H21-294


    • H21-299

      HCS-SeniorSolution-Broadcasting & Media

    • H35-632

      HCIP-IoT-Platform V1.0

    • H13-211

      HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0

    • H13-221

      HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0

    • H13-525

      HCIP-Cloud Computing-OpenStack V1.0

    • H13-526

      HCIP-Cloud Computing-Container V1.0

    • H13-527

      HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0

    • H21-286


    • H21-288

      HCS-SeniorSolution-Transmission & Access

    • H21-289


    • H21-291

      HCS-SeniorSolution-Public Security

    • H21-296


    • H21-298

      HCS-SeniorSolution-Large Enterprise

    • H35-462

      HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0

    • H31-422

      HCIE-LTE (Written) V1.0

    • H35-631

      HCIP-IoT-Wireless V1.0

    • H21-290

      HCS-SeniorSolution-Network Energy

    • H35-950

      HCS-HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Service Management V1.0

    • H35-951

      HCS-HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Operations V1.0

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